Bootcut Jeans How To Wear Them And Look Amazing

How To Wear Bootcut Jeans - I love the look and feel of bootcut jeans, and I was so excited to hear they were back in style that I ran out and bought a pair of amazing Paige Denim jeans that I’m now obsessed with.


The only question is: how do you wear bootcut jeans? 

It’s really not that difficult, honestly, because all jeans are versatile and can be worn so many different ways.

Now, it doesn't means you have to avoid skinnies. All I want to say is that we finally have a range of styles to chose from. Flares and bootcut styles are a trendy update after all!

But a little fashion inspiration never hurt anyone! So, here are our fashion ideas on how to wear bootcut jeans with pictures of fashion bloggers and “regular” people to give you some ideas. 

How To Wear Bootcut Jeans
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How Long Should Bootcut Jeans Be For Women?

When it comes to deciding how long jeans should be for women, it mostly depends entirely on the footwear you choose to style the jeans with, and of course, the type of look you are going for. For those of you who absolutely adore bootcut jeans, here are the length tips for you!

Bootcut Jeans With Flats

Bootcut Jeans With Flats
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Casual Dresses
Casual Dresses

When wearing bootcut jeans with heels, the ideal length for the hem is 1cm off of the floor. This leaves enough gap so that the denim doesn’t touch the ground as well as also creating a really sleek, clean and straight silhouette with the way the leg falls. You don’t want to go any longer as they will start bunching and getting dirty or damaged and you definitely don’t want to go much shorter than the 1cm guideline (2cm at most) as this can make your legs look short.

Covering up your heels so only the tip is showing through really helps to lengthen and elongate your legs, creating a gorgeous look and is ideally how your jeans should fit. I recommend hemming your bootcut jeans to your favourite height shoes and keeping them for those only. 

Cropped Bootcut Jeans

I mentioned earlier that you don’t want to have your bootcut jeans shorter than 1-2cm off the ground at most, however that rule applies to the full length and smart styles. A more recent trend that’s come to light is the cropped flare/bootcut which hits you around lower to mid calf. These jeans are intentionally cropped to this length to give off a brand new feel and cut and they are increasing in popularity right now. You want to make sure that these hit you a few inches above your ankle, below half way from knee to ankle, somewhere in the third lower quadrant of your legs. These will look fantastic worn at this length!

Cropped bootcut jeans
Cropped bootcut jeans
Cropped bootcut jeans
Selena Gomez

How To Wear Bootcut Jeans And Look Amazing

Add Modern Flare

Bootcut jeans were once only worn by "cool-moms," but that's no longer the case. Try a patchwork style and wear them with a pink raincoat and playful oxfords for a cool off-duty look.

How To Wear Bootcut Jeans And Look Amazing
Rose jacket & scarf for color
adding modern flare
Add life & interest with colors

Return To The Classics

Presenting the classic way to style the bootcut:

Have your jacket fall right below the top of your jeans, elongating your stature. 

Pair them with ankle boots and a mini purse for a modern turn on early-2000s vibes.

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Jennifer Anniston classic bootcut style
Jennifer Anniston
classic bootcut style
The Classic Style
classic bootcut style statement jacket
The Classic Style

Statement Jackets or Tops

Add a statement piece to create pop to you outfit.

A statement jacket or long statement top can work wonders for any out fit.

Long shirts or blouses with flared sleeves mimic the slight flare of your denim, lending some interest to the overall silhouette.

Heels help lengthen your legs and keep you looking long and lean.

The most wonderful thing about bootcut jeans is that they'll look good with practically anything. You already live in a bomber jacket and white tee, so pair them with cropped bootcut jeans and heels for a quick and easy look.

Statement Jackets

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Add A Touch Of Boho

Some girls add a kind of boho touch.

Try wide-brimmed black hat, casual charcoal colored T-shirt, indigo boot-cut jeans, platform sandals and miniature side shoulder bag completed with fringe detail.

Know I know why I named this outfit boho inspired, because of the rounded sunglasses:

To Tell The Truth....

I tell you honestly, first I was afraid of wearing bootcuts. Why? I have been wearing skinnies for ages and now I had to try something completely new. Plus I was thinking my legs will look crooked.

BUT! Once I tried them on, I realized...



Soft Tones

I love how the soft colors of the grey Kimono and white cropped tee work together to soften the over all effect but also brings out the lovely blue denim color. 

The chunky belt is a good touch and matches well with her shoes.

This is a marvelous wrap cardi-kimono paired with white cropped top and blue 1970's inspired boot-cut jeans


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