How To Wear a Midi Skirt - Casual Outfit Ideas

How to wear a midi skirt... One of fall’s biggest trends is the midi skirt, an A-line skirt that falls to mid-calf length, hence the name.

 This slightly awkward length can sometimes turn people off from midi skirts – I know that I was once told I couldn’t wear them because I’m short and they would cut my legs and make me look shorter. But I bought one anyway, because I wanted to, and I wear it a lot and always get compliments on it, so whatever! 

The bad side is, midi skirts are often difficult to choose and incorporate into a look because of their unique style and cut. Despite this, there are many ways to style a midi skirt so you can take advantage of its body-enhancing benefits and feminine finish in your daily looks.

The bottom line is, they aren’t as difficult to wear as you might think, and they are also very cute and chic, so they’re definitely worth trying. You can opt for something classic, like a solid color button down, or something a little bit more on the funky side, like a metallic shade.

Check out these style tips on how to wear a midi skirt and look awesome...

How To Wear a Midi Skirt Casual Outfit Ideas
Balance is important when wearing a midi skirt


Balance is very important then it comes to a midi skirt. These skirts fit tightly around the waist, but they get looser around your hips and legs. Keep this in mind when choosing pieces to pair with your midi skirt. Make sure that some parts of your outfit fit snugly so that your natural shape stays visible. Show off your shape with a tight crop top or a top that’s tucked into your skirt at the waist.

You also want to make sure that your shoes attract attention in order to balance out the in-between hem length of your midi skirt. Stay away from flip-flops, basic flats, or any overly simplified shoe styles that don’t add an eye-catching touch to your look.


Midi skirts are a modern trend in and of themselves, but they do have the potential to look a bit frumpy when styled incorrectly. Be aware of this possibility and add some modern touches to your look to keep your midi skirt looking fresh.

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How To Wear a Midi Skirt Casual Outfit Ideas
Pair it with a button down shirt. I love how this girl tucks hers in and leaves it half unbuttoned for a more casual vibe.
How To Wear a Midi Skirt Casual Outfit Ideas
The fastest way to make a midi skirt go from summer to winter is to layer with a leather jacket. Opt for one that is more fitted so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame.
How To Wear a Midi Skirt Casual Outfit Ideas
You know those awkward cropped sweaters that you never know how to wear? Well, they look awesome with a high-waist midi skirt.

How To Wear a Midi Skirt - Casual Outfit Ideas

Denim midi skirt
Denim midi skirt flash back
Love the tonal quality of this outfit.
Love the tonal quality of this outfit.
I can't help but love the boots
I can't help but love the boots

Don't Be Afraid Of Texture

Midi skirts are available in a wide range of styles and materials. Choose a midi skirt that includes some fun texture and detailing to create a unique twist on this trend.

Denim midi skirts might seem like a bad ’80s flashback, but they’re easy to rock in the present-day fashion world too. Pair a fitted denim skirt with a loose cropped blouse. Or, go with a fitted top in an eye-catching pattern to balance out the mass of solid denim on the bottom.

Try other textures, too, like velvet skirts, button-down skirts, or frilly skirts. Just make sure that you keep your top simple and let your skirt be the focal point of your look.


Add Accessories

Your midi-skirt look wouldn’t be complete without a few choice accessories. Accessorizing your midi skirt is easy and fun. There are a ton of accessory choices that complement a midi skirt.

Pair a wide-brimmed sun hat with a button-up midi skirt and a loose blouse for a boho, feminine finish. Add balance to a fitted skirt with a snug top by adding statement jewelry like bangles or a pendant necklace to your look.

Midi skirts are a cute and classic style choice for any season. Experiment with your midi skirt and other pieces and accessories you already have in your closet to create a unique look that’s fashionable and fits your personal style.

Unexpected Hues & Prints

Though black and gray midis are always chic, we like the idea of injecting color and pattern into this silhouette. It’s a statement-making choice, and is the perfect counterpoint to dreary fall days.

Wear A Statement Shoe

Considering the midi skirt’s length, the right shoe can make your outfit. We recommend sporting a heel (sorry, no flats allowed) with interesting details. This lace-up bootie continues the long, lean line of the skirt.

Sport A Slit

Traditionally, a midi isn’t about showing leg, but we like to push the limits of convention. A thigh-high slit lends a sexy vibe, but when paired with an over-the-knee boot, it’s still cold-weather appropriate.

Have Fun With Socks

We get it—it’s starting to get cold, but function doesn’t always have to trump fashion. For a warm, but still cool look, try wearing a knitted sock instead of tights. You’ll look like a street style star traipsing the streets of Paris in a flash.

Attention To Detail

Well-placed details like this oversized grommet takes this navy midi skirt up a notch. Additionally, the wrap style offers an extra lean feel.

How To Wear a Midi Skirt - Casual Outfit Ideas


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