For some, beauty is not something to be taken lightly. A lot of us spend many hours and too much money in the name of looking fabulous but for us, it's worth it. If you're the same way, then you'll probably feel these memes on a very personal level.

Makeup obsessions are so real that there are entire social media accounts dedicated to beauty memes. It may be all in jest, but it can't get anymore on point than these makeup memes that have Sephora loyalists written all over them.

The Pure Joy Arriving At Sephora Brings You

 Just be prepared to hand over your entire wallet. You're not making it past the exit without spending a small fortune. 


Can't Let This Glam Go To Waste

What's worse than having to get ready for a night out that you hoped would be canceled? Actually getting ready for that night out and then having all those plans canceled. 

You just spent all that time putting together a slay-worthy look, but that doesn't mean that it was all in vain. You didn't use all that makeup and spend at least an hour on your hair for nothing, so you're going to make sure people notice.


Your Priorities Are Questionable

Money well spent. The wait for the next paycheck begins.


Makeup Is Your Kryptonite

 Repeats to yourself, "I will be strong. Sephora will not take all of my money".


Anyone With Liner On Fleek Is Worth Befriending

 May every new friendship be filled with countless Sephora shopping dates


Testing Without Buying Never Hurt Anyone

 Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.


The Urge To Swatch Is Always Real

The only way to successfully shop at Sephora is to walk out with a sleeve of swatches.

 Successfully Budgeting Isn't A Real Thing

 Two lipsticks, liner, and a foundation later, but it's always so worth it.

An Addict Has To Keep Busy

Chances are you're probably planning your next Sephora trip as you're standing in the checkout line.


Until next time, Sephora — because there will always be a next time. Hmmmmm...




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