How To Wear Ankle Boots

I must admit, it took me a while to get on board this trend but the more I would see them, the more i liked the look until finally it was time to discover exactly how to wear ankle boots and ROCK!

One of the reasons I was so hesitant at the start was I felt they made women’s feet look chunky, and their ankles too wide. Who knows what happened … maybe I just saw too many bloggers looking fabulous in them that I could no longer resist? I don’t know. But now I own four pairs and practically live in them. Also along the way, I’ve discovered a few ways to wear them so they are flattering and don’t make me look like I have fat, chunky ankles.

How to wear ankle boots - There are so many fun varieties and styles out there: wedge, heel, flat, cut-out, laced, buckled, and the list could go on. And they’re so big for fall — you really should own a pair. Don’t be afraid!

Click through for great style tips and ways to wear ankle boots, and a few tips to keep your legs looking slim and fabulous, even with a shoe that doesn’t inherently flatter.

How To Wear Ankle Boots

Take note from the girls on the street who wear them best, plus shop their look.

How to wear ankle boots
Sara Sampaio

Ankle boots have become the go-to for women everywhere—whether your style is classic or eclectic, uptown or downtown—they add just the right amount of cool to any outfit. Still not sure how to make them work for you? Take note from the girls on the street who wear them best.

Try a Contrast

Why not contrast an all black outfit with a pair of dazzling white ankle boots?

Go Casual

Go casual with a front tie-up shirt , lace up skirt and those white ankle boots again...


how to wear ankle boots 2 tucked
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Tucking your pants into your ankle boots creates a long, lean leg line.

Tip - Most jeans aren’t quite fitted enough at the ankle to allow for this look to work, so a long pair of leggings are your best bet.

Midi Skirt Style

how to wear ankle boots 2 midi skirt ming xi
Ming Xi

Tackling the midi-skirt trend is easy when you pair one with ankle boots. 

Tip - Dark ankle boots can create a stark contrast with lightly tanned legs, making them look stumpy and wide. Stay away from the dark ankle boots if you can.

how to wear ankle boots midi wrong
how to wear ankle boots midi wrong
how to wear ankle boots midi right

How To Wear Ankle Boots That Rock

Lace Up Ankle Boots

Why not try lace-up, lug-sole ankle boots similar to those you'd wear to hike or to dress punk. Then style them like a magazine spread set in a field that's all swirling plaid skirts and ruddy cheeks, or any of the other ways shown below.

Go "Edgy Punk" with spiked platform lace-up ankle-boots styled with a fit-and-flare black mini dress embellished with spiked golden shoulders

Make your ankle boots a statement piece. Beige-khaki shirt is tucked in ripped light blue jeans teamed with glossy dark red heeled lace-up boots

All I can say is color and casual. I love the look of this knitted multi-colored sleeveless tight dress matched with lace-up black heeled ankle boots

How To Wear Ankle Boots womens denim
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How To Wear Ankle Boots That Rock

Pink Ankle Boots

Pink is still the hot ticket this season, so if you weren’t sure about investing in a pair of pink boots last season, go for it this time around. Any shade goes, whether it’s hot fuchsia, soft pastels or Millennial pink.

With Skinny Jeans

1. For a long, lean look, tuck your skinny jeans into the ankle boots. This works best with legging jeans, or jeggings, where the leg opening at the ankle is small and they fit snug to the leg.

If they start to look bunched you are better off cuffing them.

2. Cuff your skinny jeans to just show a touch of ankle. This looks best with ankle-length jeans. If the jeans are super long, there is a larger cuff, which can work, but it can also cut off the leg line in an awkward way so it takes some trial and error to decide what works best for every combination of jeans and booties.

For the most part, ankle boots with a taller shaft look best with skinny jeans tucked in, while boots with a lower shaft often look better with jeans untucked or cuffed.

Print Ankle Boots

This season is all about bold boots. The catwalks, and in turn the high street, have ushered in a seductive selection of second-skin stocking styles that look great under culottes, cropped raw hem jeans and kick-flares.

Go Red

If you haven’t noticed, red is everywhere at the moment. That means red jumper, red trousers and red ankle boots. This trend looks incredible with black leggings or denim; let your bold boots serve as the only pop of color for extra impact.

A Layered Look

Layering with socks can be a tough style to make look good because it adds bulk to your ankles (the exact thing we’re trying to avoid). Thank God for leggings... Layering over leggings makes for a cute wintery look without the bulk. 

Tip - Go for a neutral-colored sock to avoid drawing too much attention down there.

Tip - Don’t ever layer socks over your jeans when you’re wearing booties. Unless they’re jeggings and are very thin material, it will add even more bulk to your ankles. Just don’t do it.


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