How To Wear Cardigan Outfits & Avoid Fashion Fails

Fashion Mistakes With Cardigan Outfits & How To Avoid Them

Cardigan Outfits are one of those style combinations that can either make or break you as a fashion Diva. But, lets face it, Cardigans are one of those things that most if not every woman has in her wardrobe. Cardigans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prints, but, as we shall discover, all are not created equal. Some cardigan outfits and style combinations are better for some body types where other combinations fail embarrassingly. It can get so confusing, not to mention frustrating sometimes, but matching the correct cardigan style for your body type is important. 

Here are four different cardigan outfits - where they go wrong and you can avoid this fashion fatality.

A Waist-Length or Cropped Cardigan

First up, the most common and classic style of cardigan is the waist-length cardigan. I don’t own any cropped cardigans, so I’m lumping the waist length and cropped cardigans together. 

Fashion  Fail

If you are going to wear cropped cardigans, please, please, please DON'T layer them over a long blouse or top. 

As you can see from the picture, the difference in lengths creates confusion and distorts your overall body shape. Creating a most unflattering effect and a definite fashion fail.

How many times have you seen this or done this yourself? It is a common mistake but one that is easily corrected.

But, of course, if you are into Grunge or a casual street style, this might be a look you want.

Fashion Flare

Define your waistline. Match a cropped cardigan with high waisted pants or skirts, A-Frame dresses or belted maxi/midis. If you wear a blouse or shirt, tuck it in under a belt to help define a cutoff point for your top. Always bear in mind, the hem of your cardigan should never go more than a few inches past your belt or waist band to keep a good balance and symmetry.

Natural Silk Open Knit Cardigan


Natural Silk Open Knit Cardigan Stay stylish in the Natural Silk Open Knit Cardigan! 

Oversized Cardigan Outfits

Oversized cardigans can look amazing when matched with the right bottoms. With the bulk and size this cardigan ca add, a fatal mistake that many of us make is mating it with loose bottoms. That means, maxi skirts, loose rompers and boyfriend jeans are out unless you are going for a street-grunge look. Quite often the wideness of the cardigan combined with the widening effect of the pants on the bottom have the overall effect of making you look... Wide. When you wear a cardigan outfit, make it flatter you, not flaw you.

Oversized cardigan outfits
Fashion Fail
Oversized cardigan outfits and how to avoid this mistake at luv fashion
Fashion Fail

Instead, think slimming, thin style bottoms. Skinny jeans, pencils, fitted or bodycon skirts all work well. Create a size contrast to balance out the size of the cardigan.

Oversized cardigan outfits Skinny jeans
Oversized Cardigan with Skinny Jeans
Oversized cardigan outfits and how to avoid this mistake at luv fashion
Fashion Balance

Fashion Mistakes With Cardigan Outfits & How To Avoid Them

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The Wrap Cardigan

A wrap cardigan is basically a button-up cardigan without the buttons. Compared to usual cardigans, a wrap cardigan is sleeker and, in my opinion, slightly more elegant. It's also flattering as there are no buttons to add bulk around your tummy area. What I really like about this style is the sleek, button-free front which can add a pretty drapey texture to your outfit. Although I love the warp cardigan, I do have some reservations about it.

Wrap Cardigan Outfits

Warning - Try not to drape or layer excessively. Too much draping can add a lot of bulk to your outfit, ultimately causing you to appear larger or clunkier around the waist and hips. However, for those wanting to create curves, this might be a good thing. Just don't overdo it, balance is key :-) 

For example, if you simply must wear your fav chunky knit open cardigan - make sure your blouse or top is thinner and light-weight. 

The best way to disguise these areas is to avoid wearing too many bulky garments at the same time. Here are a few styling strategies to employ: 

  • Wear the cardigan open without strapping it with a belt.  
  • Camouflage with dark colored tops. 
  • Wear a necklace, earrings, or accessories that highlight your best assets! 


Here are our tips and tricks to get the most out of your Crop Top this season.Crop tops can be scary… It’s true! But they don’t have to be! This Spring, discover how to wear crop tops with shorts so when summer arrives you are ready to amaze.

Team a front-tie crop top with a pair of mid to high waist denim shorts

How to wear crop tops with shorts
Cheche (me) with a Tie-up crop and mid-waist denim shorts

Crop tops and denim shorts are one of those age-old warm-weather styles that look amazing both in the busy city and on the beach.  

High-cut denim shorts have been one of my fav go-to comfort clothes for a few years now. They have seen me through some good times and never fail to make any casual style look and feel great. 

If you don’t mind showing a little waist then try a front-tie crop top in a bright chequered or plaid color to set the tone. It was a perfect day so I threw on the combo seen above before going for a walk in the park. I love color and this black and red plaid crop top was a good match for the blue denim. 

Take my word for it, mid to high-waisted denim shorts are an essential addition to any wardrobe. Flattering, comfortable and casual, you can match them up with almost anything.

How To Wear Crop Tops With Shorts

Style Tip: How to wear Crop Tops with shorts without feeling far too exposed.  

Balance is the key. I am Filipina and a little on the modest side, so I try not to expose too much skin, boobs, bum or legs all at once (leave a little to the imagination as they say). Feel comfortable with and in what you wear. If you feel you are showing too much skin then add another layer to over the crop or tie a jumper around your waist just below your crop top. It all works if you have confidence in yourself and what you are wearing. After balance, confidence is key. 

Try Matching Blues

Try matching blues. A strappy denim-blue crop top can really go well with denim shorts as long as you break the blue around the waist. Simple, sexy and so in this season. Give it a try, you will be surprised what you can do with a simple, inexpensive crop top.

Many of us are a little shy when it comes to wearing a crop with denim shorts. Trust me, just go with it blindly because it’s the perfect outfit for just about anything you have planned – a day at the mall, a beach vacation or dinner with friends. Matching shorts and crop top sets are a thing. Loose crop tops with shorts is another attractive option for curvy women.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more that you can do depending on your style, taste, and occasion. You can never get bored discovering how to wear crop tops with shorts. Do you know of any other ways? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. 

Love life... Luv Fashion


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