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Luv Fashion is still in it's early stages having only come into existence in 2014. But we all need to start somewhere and when the mind, heart and passion are there, all you can do is ride the wave and see where it takes you.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we don’t take fashion or life too seriously. Whether you like to keep one step ahead of the trends, or if subtle style is more your thing, we’re sure we’ve got something you’ll love. 

At Luv Fashion we know what we like and we cater to like minded people. So we regularly scour the high streets and the globe to provide you with fresh outfit inspiration to make sure you feel as if the world is your own personal catwalk. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on our value without compromising the quality of our products . Customer satisfaction is our upmost focus because the customer really does matter. We would like to make Luv Fashion more of a community then an online shop so we don't think of people as customers but as friends.

Who Is Luv Fashion

The backbone of Luv Fashion is myself, Cheche Garcia and Gary Kidcaff. My background is mainly administrative with some modelling on the side. After years of working around fashion I decided to take it that one step further. Currently working out of Australia, we are in the process of securing distribution outlets in the USA to cut delivery times and cost for our customers in the States.

I love people, food, travel and fashion and wish that everyone gets the chance to follow their dreams where ever it may lead.

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