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Stainless Steel SLR Camera Lens mug



Stainless Steel SLR Camera Lens mug

OMG I love this... Imagine starting your day sipping a piping hot coffee from your own professional camera lens cup.

Are you looking for a great gift for a photographer or gadget freak? This makes the perfect gift...

These amazingly real looking camera lens cups are an amazing gift for the photography or gadget lover in your life!

They are built to look practically identical to one of the most recognizable camera lens designs, the Cannon SLR. Featuring all the hallmarks of the classic 24-105mm f/4 .0L IS USM lens for all you camera buffs out there. The details definitely help to make this product shine - It is the actual lens size and coloring,  having every part of a classic camera lens replicated to an incredible standard. 

If you want detail then how about this - The SLR camera Lens Mugs even has the image stabilization switch, auto-focus switch and distance information window. On top of all that you also have technical information such as aperture size. Without a close inspection, this SLR camera lens mug could even fool a professional into believing this cup is a genuine camera lens.

The focus dials are replaced with replicas made from high-grip rubber, this turns a clever decorative feature into a functional part of the cup that helps the user to keep a firm grip (and believe me, it does help). The lens cap is fitted with a hole that will allow you to take a sip without taking the lid off so it will keep your drinks warmer for longer.

This cup would make an ideal gift for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts; who are sure to love having their own camera lens cup. 

This cup isn't just for photographers though; even non-photographers will love the clever and detailed design of this highly functional cup.

So realistic you would swear it was a real SLR camera lens.  Very durable, it is made of tough stainless steel so it can take a few drops and bumps. 

Imagine the look on your Boyfriend or hubbies face when receives it... You know it will be a hit.

You can also chose the variation you would like. You can have just the SLR Camera Lens Mug if that is all you need or you can decided to go for the "Thermos" type with the insulation so it keeps your coffee hot or your beer cold. The choice is yours...

  • Drinkware Type: Mugs
  • Certification: CIQ
  • Style: Classic
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Accessories: With None
  • Shape: With Lid
  • Specification: 1
  • Type: Coffee Mugs
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Item : Stainless Steel SLR Camera Lens mug